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QuINDIE? Festival of Independent Culture (Italy)

Quindie is a Festival of Independent Culture.
It’s design, craft, graphics, apparel, publishing, music, web. Quindie wants to give voice to all the beautiful things that normally don’t have the attention and space they

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Bomboland at Treviso Comic Book Festival (Italy)

About a week ago I’ve been so lucky to visit the “Chi Mangia Chi” exhibition by Bomboland in Treviso (Italy). The project was linked to the main theme of the Treviso Comic Book Festival 2011:

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IB Flickr Group picks: Go go fabric!

Here’s my selection of the week, theme: fabric! I especially love the Cozy Up cushion with that super lovely embroidered design and the Tote Bag (it’s also a great

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Beautiful pottery and inspirational photos by HOTO

When I saw this handmade ceramic and the amazing 3D background from HOTO (a small pottery studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina), I had a big smile on face and I was all excited: how nice!

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IB Flickr group picks: The beauty of the Hand-drawn

Hand drawn hand drawn hand drawn hand drawn hand drawn. Hand drawn. This post is a celebration to my passion for freehand drawings. Impossible not to love

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10 DIY tutorials for the most fashionable bracelets of the moment

I’ve put together 10 DIY projects with step by step instructions to create by yourself the most fashionable bracelets of the moment. Many of them are identical or very similar to some that are for sale in stores and from brands such as Miansai, and shown on fashion magazines or worn by VIPS (Les

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Lastè Design by Silvia Pavarini

These illustrated characters are adorable. A stylized design but a special attention to small details. Look at the little gun in the “Questa è una rapina/This is a rapine”

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IB Flickr Group picks: Dolls and friends

This week the theme I choose is “Dolls and

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Golden Ink. I'm loving porcelain jewelry.

How many new wonders you can discover every day, and how many times you can end up falling in love with them. It’s what happened to me with these hand-made jewelry of

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Two geniuses of the cutting out: Elsa Mora and Lorenzo Duran

During my research on the web I came across these two artists and… WoW. No words to describe their creations, simply brilliant. Both for the ability of cutting all these detailed shapes on these materials – respectively paper and dry leaves – and for the originality of the designs they

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