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Submissions are another of the feeding things to the Imaginative Bloom community. They help to have a more direct connection with readers and artists, spread your works and enrich the contents of the site for all of us.


Submit via email at info [at] imaginativebloom [dot] com (remembering to cancel white spaces and to change the [ ] with the @ and .) or via the contact link (use it both for submissions and PRESS INQUIRIES).

BONUS – I regularly pick and search for new works to feature and inspirations via all the IB web spaces, so you can  join and post also here:

* on our ImaginativeBloom Flickr group

* on our Imaginative Bloom Facebook page

* or on the IB Twitter space tagging your posts with @imaginativeb

Then don’t forget that submissions that won’t be featured in the IB site, could be spreaded on the IB Facebook page or Twitter space :)


You can submit works (your own or by other artists that you appreciate), tutorials (they are really welcome to the crafty community!), links to be featured and all what you think can be interesting and useful for the IB community.

I will read personally all of your submissions. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to respond to everyone as soon as I like but I will probably save your suggestions to my ‘pick list’ of things to feature or write about.
Each single selection is carefully done to follow in the best way possible the purpose of the site, the current theme and the interest of the readers.

* TIPS *

This is a general list of things that are really loved here, but remember that from time to time IB will be looking for some particular kind of works, or news, infos, etc, for example in relation with the month’s theme, so you may sometimes find new additional topics.

>> high quality on works and art’s production

>> steadiness on carrying on projects (significant is the web presence with an active, updated and tidy site/blog/shop)

>> known and emerging artists

>> success stories of creatives, artists and designers (with reached goals and obstacles too)

>> physical and virtual places where to share, meet, propose, organize… everything that can be usefulness

>> tips, tutorials, material reviews, manuals, books, links, work’s opportunities and collaborations, contests, shows, markets, etc

>> legal and bureaucratic issues (regarding how to start a business, copyright/trademark, etc)

>> indie and handmade realities around the world (a more general sight on people and spaces)

Thanks for your contribution on Imaginative Bloom!