Little handmade wonders by Visamexicana

Finally able to share my last discovery on the handmade, another flood of fresh inspiration for my laborious brain – and hopefully also for yours!

I won’t spend many words on these works ’cause I think they speak for

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Me and IB at 'Meet The Blogger' event by CasaFacile (Abilmente Fiera - Vicenza)

Finally, with a little bit of emotion, I can share it with you!

I’ve been invited as blogger at the “Meet The Blogger” event by Casa Facile Italian magazine at Abilmente fiera, the famous international fair of manual creativity that takes palce every year in Vicenza,

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Ceramics with a Japanese heart: Makoto Kagoshima

The artist feature of this week is SO inspiring to me – and so hope it is for you too.
Looking at these works has been like an extra injection of enthusiasm to work on new

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