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Endless creativity on Jenny Mendes's ceramics

I can only say that I spent almost an hour to browse through all the ceramic creations by Jenny Mendes before choosing the ones that could better represent her work and

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IB Flickr group picks: Creativity Can Be Curious

Often artists’ creativity can generate curious things and details.
And it’s one of my fav part in the process of

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Emotions via textile design - Karen Barbé

There are crafts for which you seem to lack the right words. The perfect ones to describe the beauty that comes from ideas, from the combination of technique and creativity, from the ‘doing by

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IB Flickr group picks: Styling your home with a crafty touch

Styling and arranging little corners of your home…
And the crafty touch that makes the

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Malin Koort illustration and grafic design

Today I felt in love with these little works made of paper!
These characters, their daily lives and all the cute details that describe them are

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IB Flickr group picks: Cyclone Spring Tone

Isn’t this a cyclone of spring tones? Love the colors of this

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Boxes of wonders and cardboards by Oupas Design

Discovered this amazing works made of cardboards and these boxes of wonders full of adorable handmade

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IB Flickr group picks: Dolls and Beasties together

This bright-neon yellow pic on the top of the collage looks like a sun that shines on the other

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Addictive fashionable handmade collars by Maçã de Adão

Guys, these handmade collars could become my new addictive fashionable accessories!!
I can’t choose my fav and these are only some from the whole

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