IB Flickr group picks: Drawing your world...

Ok, this time I felt in love with the photo-illustration you see at the top by Jenny M. and from it comes the theme of the week, and then pooof… all the other

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The behind the scenes story of ranges, research and being ready for adventure

As I sat at my kitchen table, the spring sunshine pouring through the window, I realised that this was why I made that crazy decision back in

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ZIB Textile - Screen printed leggings, T-shirts and collars

I saw these screen printed handmade collars some days ago via Piterest, I guess, and I immediately saved them on my fav to share here (in case you don’t know ZIB Textile

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IB Flickr group picks: Sweet animals will conquer the world!

Woooo! Today has been a messy day, my browser decided to stop to work and my PC would not collaborate. Now I’m finally able to publish our weekly picks…

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DIY paper folding origami bow tie tutorial: packaging hurrah!

Guys, just I’ve found a really lovely blog and this Do It Yourself tutorial, and immediately had tons of inspiring ideas for original packaging

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Tosya from Tel Aviv, Israel


EnglishToday my artist feature is about Tosya, a free lance illustrator for children’s book and magazines. Tali – this is her real name – is from Tel Aviv, Israel.
Her drawings are so inspiring and original that I want to “save” them on IB and follow all her future works!

I like to think how artists’ projects could evolve and change and give rise to new shapes, stories and emotions over time.
You can find all her works available for purchase at Tosya Etsy shop, including original drawings, prints and sticker pages like the ones above :)

ItalianoIl mio articolo di oggi è su Tosya, un’illustratrice free lance per l’infanzia e per riviste. Tali – questo è il suo vero nome – viene da Tel Aviv, Israele.
I suoi disegni sono così originali e d’ispirazione che li voglio “salvare” qui in IB e seguire tutti i suoi futuri lavori!

Mi piace pensare a come possano evolversi

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IB Flickr Group picks: Rounded, squared and fished!

And these are my picks A.K.A. the works that I liked more this week among all the lovely creations you submitted on the

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Indie Craft Shop: I Love Kutchi (Spain)

“The ilovekutchi shop is born from the attempt to be happy, to live each day with a smile and to offer small doses of handmade

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IB Flickr group picks: Sew and Decorate!

This week I picked the best handmade works related to sewing and

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Illustrated design from Sweden by Mini Empire

When I found this cutting board I immediately wanted to know more about these illustrated wonders of design from Sweden! Wooo,

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