IB Flickr Group picks: Red Spots

How sweet and original are these works?
And count that the red is not even among my favorite

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Porcelain by Atelier Gilet, between geometries and figures

Today I want to introduce you Nadia, an Italian artist that creates these little handmade porcelain jewelry and objects under the name of Atelier

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IB Flickr Group picks: The sweetness of handmade dolls

Here we are with the picks of the week from our blooming group on Flickr!

Today it’s dedicated to the dolls. Aren’t the handmade ones the cutest and

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My pyramid masks props for Your Graduation music video

As I told you yesterday on Facebook the thing I was working on these past weeks is ready and so finally I can show it to you!

I was asked to create 7 handmade pyramid masks props for the musical video of “Your Graduation” song by After

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Visual artist Cecile Perra

Today’s post is about the imaginative art of Cecile Perra, a visual artist from France.

Besides the huge imagination she put in her works, I’m drawn to the way she mix and match all these different materials creating something that at the end, you perceive like a single piece. Like a world that exists and it’s exactly that

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IB Flickr Group picks: For the kids!

The handmade picks of this week are all for the kids!

In these I personally love the contrast between the white and the colors.
And, well, pom poms are always

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The creative world of Vicky Knysh

Today I want to share with you the works of this uber creative girl, Vicky Knysh from Sofia, Bulgaria.

I’m totally amazed by all these handmade wonders created with cardboard and other materials. So creative, so

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IB Flickr Group picks: Tangerine Tango orange passion!

Orange is a color I’m noticing a lot in the details of the handmade works lately.

Is it because Tangerine Tango is the color of the year or just because it’s a lovely color to use to brighten up a creation and to play with for color

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IB Flickr group picks: Contemporary Handmade (vol.2)

I LOVE contemporary handmade!!
It’s the best mix between creativity, art and experimentation of new techniques and

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Felt creations and curious animals by Royalmint

I could not resist to create a little collage of images from this artist, it was compulsive.
How cute are these animals? They’re made by

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