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Ceramic art that tells the Smallest Stories By Bonnie Marie Smith

The artist says that these handmade ceramic creations tell stories… I believe

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IB Flickr group picks: Valentine's Day, heart it or hate it.

Among all these beautiful works, I must say I’ve been particularly attracted by the idea of the handmade

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Lily Moon and her illustrated tiny things

The beautiful watercolor illustrations, the tidy and clear images, the arrangement of the photos… A delicate balance that makes these works a perfect representation of something created with passion and

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IB Flickr group picks: Fluo colors. Creatives are loving them!

Another thing I’m loving in those period is the neon/fluo colors, all those bright accents that immediately give to the object a different

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Old chest of drawers restyled: Before and After (little sneak peek from my new Studio/Lab)

As I told you in some past posts, my Studio/Lab was all to restructure and restyle.
Making this project it’s been a bit like being at the Paint Your Life Italian TV show (LoL).

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IB Flickr Group picks: Brown accents

This week I’ve been captured by all these different shades of brown. Many works, so different from each other but all so uniquely beautiful and

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An illustrator to be discovered: Madalina Andronic

How not to fall in love with these illustrations? The artist is all to be discovered: Madalina

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IB Flickr group picks: I'm an illustrator

As I promised some day ago on the Imaginative Bloom Facebook page, the theme of these weekly picks was something about…

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Mini zoo silver earrings series by Giedre Koloksanskyte

These handmade sterling silver earrings are so super cute that I wanted to post some from the lovely Mini Zoo series by Giedre Koloksanskyte, a creative jeweler from Lithuania,

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