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IB Flickr Group picks: Loving handmade characters!

This collection of “handmade characters” turned out really nice!
And there are some new creatives this week! Guess who?

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DIY packaging ideas + tutorials

Since I love packaging ideas and tutorials I’ve put together this little collection. Really hope it will give you some fresh inspiration to package your own creations/products, or just to spice up your gift wrapping!

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My wishes for you and a little IB gift

Another year is gone and in a few days also Imaginative Bloom will start to live in 2012. I can’t believe it. A little space born from a little dream and an idea, e we’re still

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IB Flickr group picks: Merry Christmas (and a hot cup of tea)!

Woooo I’m now completely into the Christmas and the Festivity mood!! See you tomorrow here for a little “grab it now” IB gift for you! (keep your eyes wide open

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11 Christmas ornaments ideas for your special handmade holidays

In my opinion the best thing to create an original, warm and unique atmosphere for our homes and gifts for Christmas is the handmade. For this I’ve collected some of the most lovely Christmas ornaments I’ve found in the handmade community. They’re also great ideas for some DIY

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IB Flickr Group picks: Light blue, orange, yellow. Details.

This week my attention has been captured by the color of the details. Especially light blue, orange, yellow and their

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Baubukas ceramic clay creatures

Could I leave out this moose? No no no and absolutely not. It’s adorable! It’s entirely handmade, from modeling the ceramic clay to painting. Feelings of

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IB Flickr Group picks: It's Holiday Time!

I’m finally starting to feel the holiday atmosphere all around, and it seems you at the IB group too! I like when this holiday season is represented by creatives using “unconventional” color

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UnDoToDo contest: the winning projects!

After about a hundred of projects sent to the UnDoToDo contest and the hard work of the whole team who organized it, the winners have been announced. And Imaginative Bloom as a media partner of this interesting contest, is happy to share with you the winning

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Clay brooches and Denitsa's world

Ok, maybe I’m a little bit obsessed by handmade brooches.
But I mean, have you seen them? Awww the world is an endless well of wonders and talented creatives, this time from

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