IB Flickr Group picks: Styling your home, autumn is come

Englishhandmade diamonds pot holders  IB Flickr Group picks: Styling your home, autumn is come

handmade for your home  IB Flickr Group picks: Styling your home, autumn is come

1. Diamond pot holders by xxxredstitchxxx | 2. The Sea, The Sky embroidery by Cat Hayward | 3. Modern Triangles Geometric Bowl by sew.zinski | 4. Pillow cases by Anastasia Egórova | 5. Painted bin by remedios_la_bella | 6. Horse Bowl with Oaknuts by rcboisjoli

Do you like the color palette that turned out from these picks?
I found it perfect for the fall season!

(and I want those diamond pot holders)

Wish a warm autumnal weekend to all the sweet Bloomers around the world! Cheeeers!

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Italianohandmade diamonds pot holders  IB Flickr Group picks: Styling your home, autumn is come

handmade for your home  IB Flickr Group picks: Styling your home, autumn is come

1. Diamond pot holders by xxxredstitchxxx | 2. The Sea, The Sky embroidery by Cat Hayward | 3. Modern Triangles Geometric Bowl by sew.zinski | 4. Pillow cases by Anastasia Egórova | 5. Painted bin by remedios_la_bella | 6. Horse Bowl with Oaknuts by rcboisjoli

Vi piace la palette di colori di questo post?
A me sembra perfetta per questo periodo autunnale!

(e voglio quelle presine a forma di diamante)

Auguro un caldo week end autunnale a tutti i Bloomerini in ascolto sparsi per il mondo!

Imaginative Bloom Flickr Group banner

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12 comments to IB Flickr Group picks: Styling your home, autumn is come
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  • Beautiful creations. I really love the design on that cup, lovely!

  • Beautiful creations. I really love the design on that cup!

  • Quante belle cose! Mi piacciono tanto le federe dei cuscini e il telaio rotondo ricamato :)
    ciao Irene, un abbraccio e buona giornata!

  • Hi girlZ! Thanks to you for being here!
    Have a magic week end!

  • very cool.. i especially love those diamond pot holders.

  • Love your picks! Thank you for featuring my pillow-cases! xx

  • Lovely things here! I’m so pleased to see my embroidery here amongst these treasures. :-)