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IB Flickr group picks: Hands Up if you like drawing!

I can’t see your hands… but mine are super extra

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Handmade whimsical ceramics by Nathalie Choux

Today I’m here to introduce some ceramic works by Nathalie

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IB Flickr Group picks: Who said cold months are boring?

The handmade picks of this week have a scent of festivities and gifts. And I like

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Wood connected collection by Lovisa Lindstrom

In these days I discovered these adorable wood connected collection of necklaces made with little pieces of twigs. Cut, hand painted and mounted on

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Geometric Wow series: Jewelry

Today I’m starting a new series called “Geometric Wow”. I think that creating a series following a theme is a funny way to explore and find fresh inspiration. Isn’t it?

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IB Flickr Group picks: Styling your home, autumn is come

Do you like the color palette that turned out from these picks? I found it perfect for the fall

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- EGO + ECO by Due Mani Non Bastano

- EGO + ECO is a project by Due Mani Non Bastano. This is when the handmade come with a touch of design and extra

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IB Flickr Group picks: Necklaces. Late Summer Early Fall.

Today I want to dedicate my picks to your best necklaces.
So beautiful! I’m pretty indecided… What’s your fav

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UnDoToDO - The Creative Contest at IndieUp

unDOtoDO – a creative contest for the production of handmade objects through the use of recycled materials. The competition will highlight the creatives that make handcrafted objects or prototypes reusing products at the end of their useful

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Oh & Ah, my latest finds in the handmade

Oh&Ah. When I found these works I have literally gone crazy. First I burst for the love and then I have resurrected to continue to admire them, one by

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