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IlGiardinoBlu, organic design and experimentation

Today I want to go straight into the world of Francesca Mancini, an Italian designer with a passion for the organic and the

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IB Flickr Group picks: Turquoise and Red rhymes

Happy Friday guys, here I am with my weekly picks! This week I wanted to go by colors. I focused on turquoise + red

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Sandra Dieckmann, illustrator and womanimal

Another dose of inspiration! Today it comes from Sandra Dieckmann, the illustrator that calls itself a womanimal. Pretty simple guess why, isn’t

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IB Flickr Group picks: The rummy creatures of your brain

Oh dear, the creatures that dwell into your brains are really singular guys!! Saying you have a vivid imagination is an understatement. I think it’s also dressed with a (healthy) pinch of

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Victoria Whincup, portrait soft sculptures

Always fascinated from this kind of art where shapes and drawings come from a brilliant mix of simple lines, asymmetries, perfect imperfections, a childlike

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IB Flickr Group picks: Enhancing the beauty of creativity

L’ Aurora Boreale è semplicemente

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Cushions and Pillows, a collection of styles

It’s been so funny to surf around to create this collection! And I found some really adorable works! Let’s start with the first cushions I’ve chosen to represent this multistyle

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The Paper Friends by Blanca Helga

This is another artist I discovered surfing the IB group on Flickr. How adorable? I instantly fell in love with these original handmade paper art toys made by the illustrator (and animated film director) Blanca Helga, from Spain. She call them Paper

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IB Flickr Group picks: Knit and Crochet love

Here’s my weekly picks, this time I’ve choosen my fav among the best knitted and crocheted works.
* Little tip: Works that are published here on IB are always choosen paying attention to the quality and the originality of the creation, but also to the quality and beauty of the photo

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Cindy Steiler, telling stories through embroidery

Cindy Steiler ha imparato a cucire, trapuntare e ricamare da sua nonna ed ora racconta storie usando ago e

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