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IB Flickr Group picks: A touch of handmade personality

You know, women like to renew the “box of wonders” they have in their room so, inspired by this, I’ve made my wish list from the most beautiful works submitted by

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Crowdfunding: what it is and why it can realize your creative dream

Finally also in Italy we’re starting to use the crowdfunding,a system that in others countries is already having lot of success allowing more and more creatives to realize their own dream. But what is crowdfunding?

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Rochelle Metcho

There are two things I like the most in the works by Rochelle Metcho. The first is the style of these wooden wall plaques with little hand

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IB Flickr Group picks: Creative Softness

And a little bit of handmade

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The amazing customizations by Tracey Meek

I discovered these works on the Imaginative Bloom Flickr Group and I could not resist to dedicate them a post, the amazing customizations by Tracey Meek. Tracey is an artist

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IB Flickr Group picks: Let's work with paper!

How many different things we can make with paper! Collages, miniatures, cards, boxes and jewelry are just a little

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GnomeSweeeetGnome, hand-made with wood.

This necklace is one of my latest finds. I felt in love with it at first sight. How a simple idea with the right details can give life to a really beautiful and original work. The combination of this three-colors’ palette – white, yellow, black, the shape given to the wood, the little words on it.

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Into the Summer-ish Mood

Inspired by the Summer I’ve collected some things, all handmade as we like, and look how much beauty! You want immediatly to dive into creating

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IB Flickr Group picks: Sweet and Shabby Chic for the Home

This week I made a selection of accessories designed to grace our homes and from which we can take inspiration for some DIY

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The imaginative creatures of Kristian Adam

Let’s continue the week with another dose of inspiration! The imaginative creatures and lands painted by Kristian Adam are a concentrate of cuteness, original details and

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