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How I will Spend my Summer

Since ¾ of the things I want to do this summer are intimately linked to Imaginative Bloom and annexes (oddly enough :D ), I thought it would be nice to share this list with all the creative fellow travelers that follow IB (and so, more or less indirectly, also my own

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Hair Sock by Ruta Kiskyte: between art and design

I like when creatives overturn the rules! Is in this way that lot of ideas can born, as for the brooch with dangling legs on a body of pearls, or for the accessory on the shirt with socks and

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IB Flickr Group picks: Fashion-able Vol. II

I saw all these beauties and didn’t resist: Fashion-able Vol. II! Great works and great

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Jennifer Davis: paintings with super powers

Today I’m completely in love with this paint. Oh my, how

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Jess Quinn: sewn and illustrated

I couldn’t absolutely leave out from IB these amazing works by Jess Quinn. Creations like these can only come from a vivid imagination and the ability to transform it into something real and

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IB Flickr Group picks: Hand made to be worn

Today I wanted a theme that was about all that things that girls love to wear. Bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings and… could we miss the

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How to Move Past Excuses and Accomplish Your Goals

You’ve written down your creative goals and listed out the tasks you need to complete to reach them. You’ve scheduled them in your calendar. Now what? It’s good to have tasks and goals written down. It makes it more likely that you’ll achieve them. But, there’s still a little something called

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Indie Craft Shop: Elle Aime (The Netherlands)

E’ il momento di aggiungere un’altro shop alla nostra sezione Indie Craft Shop! Oggi sto per presentarvi uno spazio fresco fresco che ha aperto le sue porte lo scorso 14 maggio: Elle

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IB Flickr Group picks: Rounded and Striped

IBloomers are simply great! And so their handmade works! No question. Also this week lot of new creations have populated the group. New styles, new materials and new

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Sponsor Window: Petite Fraise

I’m going to introduce you to Petite Fraise from Italy, and Merylu is the creative girl behind it. Merylu’s works have a super “girly” mood. She loves to use vibrant colors but also to mix this freshness with a touch of vintage and retro

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