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Packaging. Supplies with a touch of inspiration.

For this summer you will see lot of yellow (and stripes too, yay! I adore stipes!) around. And I’m loving it! I think it’s one of the loveliest colors for the summer season of this year. I’m finding many yellow things that are inspiring me out there and I think they’re perfect to give a touch of fashioned fresh style to the packaging of our

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IB Flickr Group picks: Wear-able.

A touch of fashion, a bit of vintage, a drop of mint blue, and a

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Five and Two. Beautiful, naturally.

The colors and the rainbow reflections of these jewelry are perfect for this season, here in Italy is starting to be hot and they look so… fresh! Love the shine and the cool summer mood that they

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Giveaway by Sunday Afternoon Housewife

Today I’ve a juicy pack of products for all the small entrepreneurs, offered by Sunday Afternoon Housewife. The pack consists of three prizes. Find below what these products exactly are and how you can win

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IB Flickr Group picks: 3Dimesional Handmade

The metro map of Manhattan with Central park… in Bloom! I found it a fantastic idea! What about the blue soft sculpture by Rachel of cornflowerbluestudio? One word:

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Squirrellicious by Lotte Bongers

Look at the embroidered details of these handmade works. They’re made by the designer Lotte Bongers from Holland. I love the concept behind the elements she put together. The gun attacked at the hinge that hanging down points the deer…

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Lepidoptery by Janelle Wisehart

In these period I’m in love with all the possible variations of geometric shapes. Really like these works that Janelle Wisehart is selling on her Lepidoptery Etsy

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IB Flickr Group picks: Drops. Is it rain or tears?

Many artists and creatives uses drops in their works. Drops are always a fascinating subject. I’m wondering

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The Storybook Rabbit

Probably many of you already know these wonderful works, but I really LOVE them and I promised myself that I would have reserved a space for them here on IB. The creative heart behind The Storybook Rabbit is Kelly from Sidney,

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Amaia Arrazola

The inspiration of the day come from Amaia Arrazola, illustrator and designer form Spain. Drawings apart, that are adorable, I love the idea of using some kind of fabric (I suppose felt) to create the mustache effect in the framed artwork! And what about this refurbished vintage suitcase? Today I’m totally in a vintage

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