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IB Flickr Group picks: Eccentric Good Morning

How nice is to start the day with a joyful mood, these colors around and a fresh spirit?
A little sweet cuddle for yourself. And a bit of eccentricity for an extra dose of energy and spice, please. Early morning is the right time to start your own “Good Morning

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Indie Craft Shop: The Little Drom Store (Singapore)

Woo-hoo! Another lovely store today is going to enrich our Indie Craft Shops corner, it’s The Little Dröm Store! “The little drömstore is an independent publisher and gallery shop found in Singapore. The little drömstore houses countless dream clouds, random knick knacks and also collections of all things inspiring and heartening. It aspires to bring people from all creative walks of life, to promote and share their work with the rest of the

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Kim Welling and her Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes

How adorable are these Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes by Kim Welling?
They are little handmade worlds inside super lovely boxes, and I strongly believe that the promise to make you instantly feel better, it’s

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IB Flickr Group picks: Be Inspired!

Each one of these works are a source of inspiration and ideas. For the colors (and their combinations), the shapes, the materials and the photos themselves. I love you guys!

Every little creation made with passion by you, is a big gift for my eyes, my mind, my soul and my heart! I’m proud about how our IB Flickr Group is growing. The level of quality, originality and the aesthetics of your works and photos is every day higher. I’s so. Look

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8 Tips to Using Your Downtime Wisely

All creative entrepreneurs experience the ebb and flow of sales. Some weeks and months are better than others. If you hit a slow patch and your sales come to a halt, panic can take over. Instead of panicking, use this time wisely and you’ll see your sales increase before you know it. Here are 8 productive things you can do in this

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Giveaway by Nicola Rowlands

What lovely designs and drawings today! I’m excited to introduce you the amazing works of Nicola Rowlands! Let’s hear what Nicola says about

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IB Flickr Group picks: Blooming Flowers

The colorful gardens that are flourishing in these first sunny days of spring made me want to create a “blooming” theme. That explosion of energy, freshness and delicacy in these

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10 Tips to Using Twitter to Increase Your Creative Business Success

Do you want to get new customers? Do you want to develop relationships with current customers to increase the likelihood that they’ll become repeat customers? Do you want to increase your sales? If you said yes to those three questions, you want to be on Twitter.

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Happy Birthday + big thanks + some gifts for you

Hey super shining Bloomers! Do you know what day is today? It’s the Imaginative Bloom’s birthday! Time has really flown by and today it’s exactly a year that IB is online. Can you believe it? For me it’s

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IB Flickr Group picks: Mint Blue Shades

Mint blue is one of my fav colors so I collected some beautiful works made with its shades.
I love the way each one of the “Mint-Blue” details in these creations give that “perfect extra

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