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Paintings and characters by RetroWhale

I instantly fell in love with this art. RetroWhale creates these fantastic mixed media paintings and characters that completely drive me crazy! “I’m inspired by everything but especially 70’s and 80’s design, music, rap lyrics, animals, movies, and

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IB Flickr Group picks: Garland Love

I found a bunch of garland-themed images in the IB Flickr Group and I wanted to collect them here. I love garlands, they’re able to change the atmosphere of a room in a second! And artists’ creativity has no limits, you can use them also to decorate a cake

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5 Blog Posts Every Artist Should Write

Do you wonder what you should blog about? Do you want to know how to get your readers interested in your art and how to pull in your target market?
I constantly get asked about this stuff. And, here are the 5 blog topics that I always recommend:

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Giveaway by Perlamadre Design

Today I introduce you these enchanting jewels that come from that magic “city on the water” that’s Venice.
Perlamadre Design is a collaboration of the artisan Simona Iacovazzi from Salento (south Italy) and Evelina Pescarolo, artisan and architect from Venice. Each of these works are entirely handmade using the lampworking technique and the precious Murano glass, from Venice (EFFETRE and

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IB Flickr Group picks: Absolute Cute

It was watching the “Sleeping Cat” illustration that the theme came up in my mind – Absolute Cute!
And all the other picks came quickly one after the other. Lot of funny ideas and inspirations here plus they also smell of

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Sponsor Window: The World Is My Studio

If you’re looking for some lovely photograph for embellish your walls, you may like “The World Is My Studio”. Here Christy sells her artistic photographs and paper goods. Personally I really like the photos with these original old doors and the ones with a vintage atmosphere. You can visit her shop and find your favorite surfing the

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Kimberley Laurenti

The creative mind behind these beautiful handmade sculptures called Mooks is Kimberley Laurenti, from Florida. Using polymer clay, wood and paper mache Kimberley creates these characters, their masks and all the little details that enrich the work. Creatives and collectors can’t fail to admire and appreciate these original hand crafted pieces of

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IB Flickr Group picks: Handcrafted Faces and Expressions

Lately I’m attracted by every kind of hand crafted work that represent faces and facial expressions. So I wanted to choose this theme for my weekly picks in the IB Flickr Group. It’s not so easy to create something that has the exact expression that we have in mind. But artists can do this and much much

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Indie Craft Shop: Domestica (USA)

Here I am with another lovely Indie Craft Shop for you guys! It’s Domestica and it is located in Des Moines, IA (USA). I was happy to receive an email directly by Chrissy Jensen, the owner of the shop. “Our focus is super cool home and personal accessories – valuable pieces to help you spruce up your nest and adorn your bod”. Mmmm sound juicy, isn’t

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The Pin Pals

he featured art of today is by The Pin Pals! Two original girls – Samantha Purdy and Sara Guindon – from Montreal, Canada. They create original cross-stitch jewelry (such as brooches, earrings and hair barrettes) with their own designs and handmade paper puppet dolls with amazing illustrations. I love the packaging

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