Illustrations and drawings by Niki Kelce

English2  Illustrations and drawings by Niki Kelce

3  Illustrations and drawings by Niki Kelce

moleskine  Illustrations and drawings by Niki Kelce

1  Illustrations and drawings by Niki Kelce

Woah, these are stunning! So full of details that I lost myself watching them one by one. Uncountable colors and lines that intersect each other, a mixture of geometric shapes and curves, an imaginary and abstract space where everything seems to float in a harmonious balance.

I found these works through our IB Flickr Group and they have immediately caught my attention.
The artist is Niki Kelce from Brooklyn, USA. This is an extract from her profile: “Piles of markers, grey greens and blues are the colors I choose, dog obsessed, waterfront zombie, sleepyhead.”
I like this image.

You can visit Niki on her blog, on Flickr and find her wonderful drawings on her Etsy shop, and in this regard I have a request:
Niki, do you think that in the future you’ll make available also some printed version of your beautiful illustrations? Please do! I’m sure that all those who have a tight budget, would jump for joy to the idea of owning one!

Am I right guys? :)

Italiano2  Illustrations and drawings by Niki Kelce

3  Illustrations and drawings by Niki Kelce

moleskine  Illustrations and drawings by Niki Kelce

1  Illustrations and drawings by Niki Kelce

Waaah, grandiosi! Così pieni di dettagli che mi sono persa a guardarli uno ad uno. Innumerevoli colori e linee che si intersecano una con l’altra, un miscuglio di geometrie e curve, uno spazio immaginario e astratto dove ogni cosa sembra fluttuare in armonioso equilibrio.

Ho trovato questi lavori attraverso il nostro Gruppo Flickr di IB e ne sono stata attratta immediatamente.
L’artista è Niki Kelce di Brooklyn, USA. Questo è un estratto dal suo profilo: “Mucchi di pennarelli,  grigio verdi e blu sono i colori che scelgo, ossessionata dai cani, dormigliona.”
Mi piace questa immagine.

Potete visitare Niki sul suo blog, in Flickr e trovare i suoi bellissimi disegni nel suo Etsy shop e, a proposito di ciò, ho una richiesta:
Niki, pensi che in futuro renderai disponibili nello shop anche delle versioni stampate delle tue illustrazioni? Per favooooreee! Sono sicura che tutti coloro che possiedono un budget ristretto, farebbero i salti di gioia all’idea di poterne possedere una!

Dico bene ragassi? :)

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10 comments to Illustrations and drawings by Niki Kelce
  • I should assert, as a large amount as I enjoyed reading what you had to declare, I couldnt help on the contrary fail interest following a while. Its as if you had a fantastic grasp taking place the subject substance, but you forgot to include your us your readers. I don’t know you should reflect concerning this from far further than one angle. Or else possibly you shouldnt oversimplify thus considerably. Its enhanced rider you reflect concerning what others may have to articulate as a substitute of merely departing for a gut retort to the subject. Reflect concerning adjusting your peculiar belief administer and openhanded others who may read this the benefit of the doubt.

  • it’s always a pleasure. now with less time, But Still loving imaginative bloom.
    well ive been kinda busy latey. now (finaly) i have some orders, so lots of work to think about, and the website I want to finish, and some flayers I want to design to distribute, then, plus projects outside of ihatebandages like my zine with a friend, Some photos etc. I want to take
    well and Its always really nice That You care about ‘us’.
    keep with lovely posts, and have a nice week. i will always b here to ’support’ for the IB

    • I love to care about IB readers! :D And a joy to hear you “feel it” in some way :)))
      Well Ines, I see you are pretty busy too there!
      That’s great! I’m happy to hear that you’ve lots of projects and ideas and energy! Wait (and curious) to see what you’ll create!

      Good luck!

  • uau, this is pretty good irene :))

  • JC

    Her work is exquisite! I am definitely bookmarking her etsy shop. I want one!

  • woooow!
    yesterday @Tacheles I discoved some great artist too :)

  • @ Niki: You’re welcome! Thank you for stopping by and letting us know! It’s a great news :)

    @ Char: Hey Char, thanks for your feedback!

  • Prints are actually in the works and will be for sale soon!
    Thanks so much for the support!


  • I agree…maybe some prints would be a grand option…beautiful work!