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IB Flickr Group picks: What Women Are (part II)



1. Portraits Brooches by biribis | 2. Cat Necklace by La Cravate Du Chien | 3. Antiqued Brass Vintage Style Pendant Necklace by Jewelrybynala | 4. Red Monster – Safety Pin with Charms by Red Monster by Minifanfan Eng | 5. Handmade brooche by bony bünz | 6. Puddle x 555 by sugarwanderlust | 7. Blue cat porcelain handmade brooch by Little Blue Day | 8. Handpainted terracotta necklace by Mafa – Pinkrain | 9. Morning photography art print by woodland papercuts
Since the last What Women Are post was been so loved by lots of you, I wanted to make a “Part II” of this special theme.
These works have a soul. They talk about the past and the present, and tell how women are great on going forward, always and despite everything. With all their strength, their beauty and their colors. In and out.
Can you feel it?


1. Portraits Brooches by

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My Valentines Day finds and inspirations

We’re almost there! Valentines day is near and all these things that spread love, passion and romance make me feel in love! Don’t you? I’ve made this selection of handmade works choosing among some of my fav Etsy sellers. Hope you’ll find inspiration – and maybe some lovely suggestion for your last-minute Valentines’

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Sketchbook stories from The Good Machinery

I like the idea of creating these softies from stories drawn in a sketchbook. All the typical strokes left by an hand-drawn illustration are visible and give to the work a special touch. I love this feature almost on everything – porcelain, wood, clay, metal… – the hand-drawn touch is absolutely one of my

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IB Flickr Group Picks: Illustrations that tell a story

I love the idea of the two layers of papers with the sea and mountains that rise on it. They could also be icebergs. In the truth they could be lots of things, the sea can be a sky and the fish is just flying. This is the

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How to Write and Send Your Weekly Newsletter in Less Than 30 Minutes

Do you wish you could send out regular newsletters without a lot of hassle? Do you plan on sending out email updates to your fans, but time always seems to slip away? What if I could give you a way to send out your weekly newsletter in less than 30 minutes? Would you commit to doing it? I hope so, because like I mentioned in my last guest post, if you don’t have a list, you have

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Ildiko Muresan and Flavia Marele are Harem6

I’m in love again. Totally fascinated by the way in which basic shapes like a stylized wolf, are revisited and transformed into something unique by these two artists, Ildiko Muresan and Flavia Marele, under the name of Harem6. The apparent simplicity of forms is enriched with so many special details designed with care and originality that the final creation is always an authentic piece of art, a gem of the

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IB Flickr Group Picks: beautifying your surroundings

This time I wanted to collect works that embellish our surroundings. The kind of things that sweeten our

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Why You Need to Send Out a Weekly Email Newsletter (by April)

If you don’t have a list, you have nothing. Have you heard this statement before? Online marketing experts are always saying it. And, I’ve come to realize that they’re right.
If you sell your creative products online, you should build a list of your fans. And, here’s

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Hi Tree, handmade green love

It was love at first sight. Have you see how many delicious trees and leaves?
Tina Rodas is the artist behind this explosion of green. She’s from Los Angeles and hi Tree is the cute name of her brand. Tina designs and creates trees and woodland creatures made of wool felt. This work started as an hobby but soon become a full-time

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IB Flickr Group picks: Knit and Crochet

It’s been a while that I wanted to make a selection themed Knit and Crochet.

I find that the Crocheted TV is fantastic!! I particularly liked also the funny idea of the Bacon and Eggs Scarf, the “texture” that came out in the Sculptural Purse and the original shoot of the Sweets on the white wall.
And what’s your fav? Let’s voice independent artists supporting their works!

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