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IB Flickr Group picks: Homes Sweet Homes

I wonder why we always love houses. Large, small, strange, improbable, painted, soft, hard, deformed, imaginary, stylized. In whatever way they are made, we are attracted by

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You Should Survey Your Ideal Customers and How to Do It by April

At this point you’ve done the really hard work. You’ve written up ideal customer profiles and attracted those types of customers to your website or online shop. They’re buying your products, and you’re thrilled.
So, now what? Now, you need to ensure that those customers come back again and again. The way you do this is by understanding your ideal market even better, fixing any problems they have with your products, and offering them exactly what they

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This works are so inspirational for me. Love the use of materials, the quality and customization of the pieces – brooches, necklaces, notebooks… – love the illustrations and

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Christmas post: Ideas + Tutorials + Free gifts for you

In these days I put together this big post full of handmade and creative things. I tried to choose ideas and tutorials that can be useful and inspirational for the entire year, not only for the holiday season.

Then don’t miss the wonderful gifts that are waiting for you at the bottom of the post! Enjoy!

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Love Birds by The Boy Frost

Their hearts are one, in a perfect fit like in a puzzle. I could go crazy if someone get me a gift like that!
These wonderful hand screen printed wooden works are by Tom Frost from Bristol, United

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IB Flickr Group picks: Amazing illustration's works

This week my picks are all about amazing illustrations!

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Enjoy these adorable works and photos by Nechepurenka. You can also find her blogging here.

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The Idea of a Manifesto for Your Business

I love the idea to have a Manifesto that contain the essence of how we should live our passion to make it BLOOM! A collection of words that we should always keep in front of ourselves to remember all those things who make us brave, unique, happy,

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IB Flickr group picks: Plushy goodies

Every Friday, while I surf the IB Flickr group pool to create this weekly post, I discover so many new wonderful works that I never tire of thanking all the lovely artists who submit them there, every day. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart

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3 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Market by April

After you’ve identified your ideal market, you need to attract those people to your creative business. Once you’ve gotten them in front of your products and services, they’re going to buy—because, they’re your ideal market. So, let’s make you some

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