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The first time I saw these fantastic works it took me a while to figure out how they were created.

These original designs are realized with thread embroidered onto silk and then attached to porcelains and ceramics. The creative artist behind them is Diem Chau, originally from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, but now based in Seattle, USA.

Diem also creates lovely carved figures into colorful crayons.  Visit her blog here.

ItalianoDiem Chau1  Diem Chau

Diem Chau3  Diem Chau

Diem Chau2  Diem Chau

La prima volta che ho visto questi fantastici lavori mi ci è voluto un po’ per capire come fossero stati creati.

Questi originali disegni sono realizzati con filo ricamato su seta e poi attaccando la seta lavorata sulle porcellane e le ceramiche. L’artista è Diem Chau, originaria di Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, ma ora residente a Seattle, USA.

Diem crea anche bellissime figure intagliate su pastelli colorati. Potete visitare il suo blog qui.

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2 comments to Diem Chau
  • My husband is a ceramist, and if I’m not mistaken this artists was featured in a popular ceramic magazine maybe 4 months back. Sorry, it’s early and my coffee isn’t yet doing it’s job ;) and as a result I can’t recall perfectly. Anyway, my husband instantly came and showed me this artist’s work, knowing how much I would love it, and I do. It’s fantastic isn’t it? I love how she breaks the boundaries and literally steps out of the box. Thanks for sharing. I do hope to own one of her pieces one day. Happy day to you ;)

    • Hi Angela!
      Yes, it can be so! Diem is really popular.
      I think it’s fantastic too.
      I’ve been fascinated from the originality in using and mixing together materials that usually “can’t stay together”.