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Redraven by Amy Lumsden

When Jena from Miss Modish introduced me the Redraven’s art and told me that these lovely works would be perfect for Imaginative Bloom, she was right. All these delicate jewelry and accessories are handmade from porcelain and vintage ceramic

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IB Flickr Group picks: Animals who love Christmas

Christmas is in the air! These lovely animals are waiting for a bit of snow, Christmas’ songs and trees, gifts and a hot cup of tea. Yeah, I’m sure it’s s. Ask them!

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How to Identify Your Ideal Customer by April

From my last guest post on Imaginative Bloom – Why You Need an Ideal Customer Profile – I hope you realized how important it is to identify your ideal customer. Now, I’m going to tell you how to do it.
Remember that Your Ideal Customer Lights You

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Indie Craft Shop: Red Velvet Art (Missouri - USA)

Today I want to color our Indie Craft Shop section with the Red Velvet Art boutique based in Springfield, Missouri, USA, a creative journey started by Elsie Flannigan (aka

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IB Flickr Group picks: Black and White

The Black and White theme couldn’t miss! Don’t you think? Here’s my selection of the week from the

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Marketing tips for your Facebook and Twitter

I must be honest. I’ve never liked a lot the terms “tactics” and “strategy”, especially when it comes to people. They have always given to me the idea to be the translation of “ways to cheat people”. And in someway, the feeling is similar for the word marketing.
But lately I have been following really

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Ceramic heads by Claire Loder

Uoah. Every day is a wonderful discover of fascinating art! Did you already know the ceramic heads of Claire Loder from England? It’s almost an hour I surf on her site and blog to see all her works and the details of these faces.

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Why You Need an Ideal Customer Profile by April

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, you might be trying to escape a job you don’t like, or you might have already escaped from a life in a cubicle.
You probably want to spend most of your time creating. In order to do this, you really need to understand your ideal

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Guest post: 5 Fine Art Favorites from Papernstitch

Hello IB readers! I am Brittni from papernstitch and Irene has asked me to guest post here today (which I am thrilled about). For those of you who don’t know me, I am the owner of papernstitch.com, an online exhibition site for art and handmade goods that helps promote small businesses in the handmade

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IB flickr group picks: What Women Are

Love the colors, love the design, love the energy. Strong but delicate, unique but common, thoughtless but emotionally filled. What women are.
That’s the simply why I chose

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