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IB flickr group picks: don't call them toys!

They are all lovely soft creations but… don’t call them toys, please!
This is the theme of the week for my best works’ picks from our IB Flickr

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15 ideas and tutorials for your crafty pumpkins

Today I put together for you a special big post full of lovely ideas and tutorials for your crafty pumpkins. You’ll find easy and quick ideas to realize, some other of medium difficulty, and a little bit of “extreme” creations. Hope they will inspire you (as they did for me!) to create and personalize not only your Halloween, but your autumn and your home

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Giveaway by Alice Couture

The Imaginative Bloom giveaway of today host a beautiful and precious vintage style bag that’s been created using a huge variety of materials such as tulle, stretch satin, latex lightweight coated lace, pieces of macrame lace, macro and micro sequins, etc.

The bag has irregular edges and has been decorated with 3 cute tulle’s pom-pom. It is fully lined and the particular closure consist of 2 eyelets in which to pass the satin ribbon to close the bag with a bow.
To open it you don’t need to completely pull away the

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IB flickr group picks: Scent of paper

1. Mini goals chalkboards packaging by Mary Kate McDevitt | 2. Barco hanbound book By Wellington Luzzi | 3. Replentishing letterpress Christmas stock by ruby victoria | 4. Customized hand drawn Moleskine by Mafa – Pinkrain | 5. Bird lovers by Little Blue Day | 6. Gentleman set for gift packaging by e-sidora | 7. Alfabeto sketchbook by Celestefrittata | 8. Dylan Thomas ‘Under Milk Wood’ by holly

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Indie Craft Shop: Drink, Shop & Do (UK)

Another lovely shop (that sounds more than a shop!), this time from United Kingdom. It’s Drink, Shop & Do.
The shop (born from two friends, Kristie and Coralie) is a cafe bar that sells products from emerging artists as well as retro and vintage furniture and home wares.
The nice thing is that everything inside, from the chairs on which you sit to tea cups, is on

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Chairs with an handmade touch

Awwww! Chairs chairs chairs! I like chairs. And when they’re so particular and original, become a design element that can change the style and atmosphere of an entire room.
This one is the stunning work of Jane Schouten from All The Lucky In The

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IB flickr group picks: Captured by colors

Literally captured by the colors of these works, the theme came out by itself!
Still not joined the Imaginative Bloom flickr group?
Enter and submit your handmade works now!

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Daniela Tieni

Absolutely stunning illustrations. These are the things that make you proud to be Italian!
The talented girl behind these pieces of poetic art is Daniela Tieni from Rome,

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Guest post by April Bowles - How to Use Your Blog to Develop Trust with Your Customers

Why should I read your blog out of the hundreds of thousands of blogs on the web? Why should I subscribe to yet another newsletter and another blog that will clog up my Google Reader?
If you don’t have specific answers to these questions, then you’re losing readers on a regular basis. The first step in using your blog to increase your creative business success is to make your readers interested in what you’re saying. You need to grab your readers’ attention and keep them on your site as long as

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Indie Craft Shop: Dear Deer (México)

To inaugurate the “Indie Crafty Shops” section on IB, today I’ll talk about this beautiful shop from México!

Dear Deer wants to valorize the handmade with a space where to show, touch, dress, hear, create and dream. The pleasure to learn how to create DIY (do it yourslef) works, from drawings, music, art and

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