Using newsletter to increase creative business success

I don’t define myself an expert about this theme but since I started with the Imaginative Bloom blog, I’m sure to have learned a few things that really helped me a lot (and that are still helping me to improve on this).

I’m going to write here some tips that I think can be useful to you too.
“Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions.
So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more

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Indie Craft Shops: IB needs your help!

I’d like to open a new section/category on IB called “Indie Craft Shops“. It’s been a while that I dream about a place where to find new and cool physical stores around the world who sell handmade by indie artists and small brands, and I think that many of you could like the idea

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Beck Wheeler

Captured by this wall I discovered these wonderful paintings and drawing belong to Beck Wheeler.
For me these works are so inspiring!!
Beck is currently living and working in Piha, New Zealand. I still didn’t find other spaces online where Beck is sharing her works but reading the about section of her site, you canread a little bio, the list of her exhibitions, some reviews and other

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IB flickr group picks: things with a bow - part 2

As promised, here’s the part 2 of the “Things with a bow” flickr picks’ theme.
I’d like to make soon a selection themed “Black and white”, “Cake toppers” and “Original rings”, so if you have some beautiful work that can fit into these themes, submit in the pool! And well, obviously every handmade work is welcome for other themes and features!
Have you some nice theme to suggest? Comment below, I would love to hear it!!

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9 creative women share secrets to succeeding with Social Media

I’m excited to present you this cool project in which I am involved. It’s a series of blog posts cured by a group of creative women that will be blogging about how social media has helped them and their businesses, and how you can put these ideas into action.

Each of us are going to publish a post deepening on a specific theme related to this argument. The series are

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Giveaway by Jessica Van Den plus review

Since most of you are independent artists, crafters or designers running an Etsy shop (or going to open one), with the goal to increase your own business, you will be particularly interested in this giveaway (or at least, you SHOULD!).
This week we are giving away 2 COPIES of the new Jessica Van Den’s ebook: Etsy Success Stories – Tips and Strategies from Seven Top

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IB flickr group picks: necklaces

This week the theme is “Necklaces”! Look at how different are the styles among these artists. Amazing.
Do you like this theme? Let me know! The most loved (and commented) themes will have other

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Essimar (Esther Ramirez)

Totally captured by these paper works. She is Esther Ramirez, in art Essimar and this is her super lovely etsy shop.

What a stunning creativity, originality and taste on mixing colors and geometric shapes.

Esther in on flickr too, already among my contacts, obviously! You’ll find lots of photos with other wonderful creations. How are these paper things

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Anna Backlund

A lovely find. My eyes was catched by these wonderful works inside boxes an collages.

She’s Anna Backlund from Goteborg, Sweden. I really love these kind of art and her style. I wish this girl lot of

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Sandra Eterovic

Sandra Eterovic is from Melbourne, Australia, while her parents are from Brac isle, in Croatia, and this seems to has quite a lot influenced her particular style. I’m totally captivated by her wooden figures. The clocks are simply adorable and each one of these works is so creative and inspirational! Go see her blog and flickr page!
I’ve seen lots of funny things there and also another lovely version of the scarf you see above. I love

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