Scott Radke

From Cleveland, Ohio, Scott Radke is an artist who creates individual characters out of clay and found objects.
Well, it is clear that Scott is already a successful artist, you just need to take a look to the ‘Info’ page of his site to have an idea of how many exhibitions, publications and also collaborations on movies and videos he has had.
I’ve read also about a contribution with marionettes for small scene in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ movie directed by Tim Burton (2010). His talent is

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IB flickr group picks: e-sidora, Gervaise, Ruby Victoria


EnglishMy weekly picks from the group! This time are fabric and paper creations.
Hand printed items are always so beautiful to have and use for gift too… and I found these particularly lovely.  The bag is one of my favorite from Gervaise. I like the contrast between the outside pattern and the bright fuchsia inside!
Keep on sharing and inviting friends to upload their works in the pool, remembering the 500 pixel recommended width!
Uh and today I’ve added to the site the new facebook * Like * button under each post! So now you can easily like posts directly from here!  Nice, isn’t it? :)
Eco friendly card by e-sidora from ImaginativeBloom Flickr group

Discounted bag by GERVAISE from ImaginativeBloom Flickr group
Blue swallow coaster tags by ruby victoria from ImaginativeBloom Flickr group

ItalianoSelezioni settimanali dal gruppo! Questa volta sono creazioni in tessuto e in carta.
Le cose stampate a mano sono sempre così

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Steppie is a 24 years old independent artist, designer and entrepreneur from California in USA. She says that her business starts accidentally, something unintentional. Now it’s two years old, with a new cute collection launched for this summer. Her goal is “killing you with cuteness… one panda and ninja at a

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Inspirational finds

Inspirational finds of today: Laura Dye, Poketo, ginettesqulette, Ben Heine, Freddy

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AJ Fosik

These creations are made with wood and paint by AJ Fosik, an artist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I found he on Facebook and Flickr. Amazing

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IB flickr group picks: wonderland reminds

IB flickr group picks: All these creations remind me in some way something about Wonderland…

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Review: Amelia's Anthology Of Illustration

I’m going to talk about the Amelias’ Antology Of Illustration. The author is Amelia Gregory. Amelias’ Antology is a 265 pages’ hard cover book that feature 40 illustrators from all over the world, lots of technologies to fantasize with and interestings interviews to artists. The book is printed with vegetable based inks and

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Nathalie Choux and Lili Scratchy

I found these super lovely ceramics surfing aorund my collection of favourite sites and web spaces. They come from the blog of Nathalie Choux and Lili Scratchy.

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The Multi Prize Giveaway is open! 1, 2, 3 go!

The MULTI PRIZE GIVEAWAY is finally ready to start! The MPG is a special giveaway; it has lots of prizes and so lots of winners too! I’ve created an Event page on facebook because this time, the game will be played there!

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IB flickr picks (bit late but here)

My picks of the week from the Imaginative Bloom flickr group. Enjoy

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