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Jill Spill, doodle by doodle

Today I want to reserve a space on IB for a really kind and sweet mom called Jill Spill who contacted me to talk about her crazy love for art and some new projects on wich she’s working. I was so touched from her vitality and enthusiasm that I wanted she used her own words to describe who she is, what she does and how she is arrived to the actual designs’ printing technique on

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IB Flickr group picks: Zimena, Askida and Puppe

The IB flickr group is near to 1000 subscribers! Thank you soooo much to all artists that are sharing their wonderful creations with me and all IB readers! And here we are with the IB flickr pick of the

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Helen Dardik

She’s Helen Dardik from Canada. You can take a tour around her blog to see how much projects and collaboration she has done (digital, watercolor, gouache etc). I leave you just few links to give an idea: vinyl wall art at chocovenyl.co.uk, patterns for the amazing ‘Print & Pattern’ book, sketchbook cover for ecojot, printed tote bag for BlueQ, and so

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Atelier pompadour, beautiful and made in Italy

I loved her works since the first time I saw them. I’m talking about Atelier Pompadour. These soft wool clouds are absolutely lovely and if I could I fill my room with tens of them. Clouds all around hanging from the ceiling and… what a wonderful

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Inspiring tuesday's finds

Inspiring finds: Jamie Tao, Lelo, JustinK, renato.ventura,

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Sweet vintage by Jenny and Aaron

These sweet vintage creations come from Jenny Heid, an artist/designer from New Jersey. She has been designing and painting furniture and home accessories for years together with her boyfriend Aaron.

Their designs have been on pages of magazines such as Country Living, Country Home, Woman’s Day decorating ideas, Design New Jersey, Romantic Homes, Somerset Life, The New York Times Magazine, and were featured on NBC’s The Today Show with Matt

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Clock finds: my today's top 5

A selection of my today’s top 5 finds themed ‘Clock’.

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Giveaway by Celestefrittata & Meluseena

Here we are with the new giveaway for the IB readers! This time it cames from a collaboration of two talented artists: Celestefrittata & Meluseena (Lisa Falzon). Celestefrittata lives in Bari where she works as a graphic designer and runs her Etsy shop. She’s a self-taught bookbinder inspired by the use of recicled paper and reuse of other

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IB flickr group picks: zines, doodles and toys

I will regularly pick also other works to publish here, on a dedicated post in the Imaginative Bloom site!
Don’t forget to submit images that have at least 500 pixel of width; that you can be picked several times for different works and that, in general, you can submit via the IB flickr group pool, via the facebook page, via

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Plush jewelry by Mannequin Plastic

They’re Mannequin Plastic. I think that their works perfectly fit the fashion style that today is often associated to the ‘indie’ scene while being very original in their genre. I found interesting both the study of the use of shapes, patterns, materials, and the way to display their works on stuffed hands and eye catching logos that further enrich the brand’s

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