Ana Galvan

Today I want to share some fabulous illustrations of Ana Galvan. She’s a cartoonist/illustrator from Murcia (Spain).

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Jewelry finds: my today's top 5

1. Nest Pretty Things | 2. Custom Made | 3. Bettula | 4. Noshii | 5. Shere

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52 weeks of blogging your passion by Tara Gentile

I want to spent some words on this book because I have read it and found it really interesting and above all, useful. Before the opening of this site, I’ve been lots of time searching on the web for tips, advises and everything that could be useful to improve the blog, its contents and relations with

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Sirena con jersey

When I saw this sweater I just thought “I MUST have it!”. When Ali and Eli wrote they produce stuff that they would like to wear but they don’t find in stores, well, I exactly understand what they mean…

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Book review: Obsessive Consumption by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Even if many people are already talking about it in these days, I couldn’t that not reserve to it a space here too. It’s the new book by Kate Bingaman-Burt, the artist who 3 years ago began this…

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Gervaise * giveaway

I’ve got a great giveaway for you today: 3 beautiful handmade bags from Gervaise! If you like colors and style you can’t miss it. To participate just follow these simple

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Spring inspirations

I deeply love cherry tree. They’re here to tell us that’s spring time! This faboulous pic is from Continue reading… >>

Amateur by Birgit Rampula

I’m impressed by the works of this girl, the product details and the professionalism on taking pictures to promote them with these doll styled sets. She’s from Vienna

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Building a blogging network

As I said, I’m at my first attempt with this particular form of “community”, the blog. So, even if I’ve some years of experience of administration in a web site, I’m discovering that blogging has its own ‘rules’ and mechanisms. While I was reading at “anopensketchbook” blog, I came across

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Irresistible wallpapers

Sometimes changing a room or a wall with this kind of things, can sound something as ‘radical’ in a house, but first or late I will definitely do it! “We believe a little touch of art can change the spirit of a space”, they say

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